Staying Safe in IND

Indianapolis may be known as the racing capital of the world, but at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), the Envoy team puts safety over speed when it comes to running a successful ramp operation.

In celebration of their past success, as well as to keep improving their knowledge with safety, the Envoy team in IND recently hosted a Safety Day at their station – complete with games, challenges and fun prizes.

“This event was not only to remind everyone here about the importance of staying safe on the ramp, but to celebrate the overall successes of team IND,” said Envoy Ground Safety Program Manager Lisa Cannon. “With many new faces on the team, it’s easy to lose track of the wins so this event was a great way to remind everyone here of their successes with safety.”

Staying safe in all areas of the operation is a top priority for all Envoy employees, and hosting events like this at our stations is a fun way to keep the best safety practices and procedures fresh in everyone’s mind.

“When our rampers come to work, we want them to be set up for success, and you can’t be successful in this role without prioritizing safety,” said Envoy Managing Director for the Southwest region, Rachel Alaniz-Carmichael. “It’s always nice to visit a station for this type of event and to see how engaged our team is.”

Among the activities was a safety scavenger hunt, where agents were challenged to crack clues and take pictures of different safety items, a spin-the-wheel trivia challenge, and a competition to see who could pick up the most Foreign Object Debris (FOD). The lucky winners walked away with prizes, like a brand-new pair of Apple AirPods or Bluetooth speakers.

Congrats on a successful event, Team IND!

View more photos from the IND Safety Day here.

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