Adding 12 New Large Regional Jets to our Fleet

We’re excited to share that starting in 2025, Envoy will be expanding our fleet with an additional 12 Embraer Large Regional Jet aircraft (E175).

This expansion is on top of the fleet growth previously announced during 2023 and early this year. With this latest update, our total fleet commitment will reach 181 aircraft, comprising 138 E175s and 43 E170s, for those tracking our progress.

“Envoy’s dedication to safety, quality, and cost has led to our steady, sustainable success,” stated Pedro Fábregas, President & CEO of Envoy. “These core values guide all our actions, allowing us to offer reliable, high-quality, and cost-efficient regional services to the numerous customers we serve daily, benefitting both American Airlines Group and its shareholders, as well as our over 20,000 employees across the Pacific, North America, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. We extend our gratitude to all who contribute daily to maintaining our safe and dependable operations.”

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