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University & Commercial Flight Schools

Earn money while you build your flight hours.

Envoy’s Cadet Program is designed to help the most promising university and commercial flight school student pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom to the regional cockpit.

Envoy will place you as a paid Flight Instructor at one of our numerous affiliate programs, offer you financial assistance* and provide you with all the benefits of being an Envoy employee. Benefits will include travel privileges for you and your immediate family on American Airlines flights; comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage; 401(k) retirement with company match contributions; American Airlines Group profit sharing; and paid vacation and sick time accrual.

Once you complete training as an Envoy First Officer, you will earn a bonus of $10,000, followed by another $8,000 bonus when you complete your first year.*

*Financial assistance paid during your time as a Flight Instructor (currently $5,000) is drawn from your First Officer bonus.

Cadet Instructor Payout Schedule

Upon becoming a Cadet Instructor for Envoy and at the time of signing a two-year employment agreement with Envoy, candidates will have the opportunity to receive a one-time $5000 tuition assistance bonus borrowed from their First Officer sign-on bonus. This bonus can only be selected at the time of contract signing.

Cadet Program Levels

Pilots accepted into the Cadet Program will receive various levels of support as their certifications, training, and experience grow.


Qualifications Requirements Benefits
Cadet Private Pilot Certificate Be enrolled in a partner school and successfully complete an HR interview Mentorships, internships and promotional materials
Senior Cadet Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-engine and Instrument Airplane Ratings Successfully complete the entire interview process (HR and Tech) Mentorships, internships  and promotional materials
Cadet Instructor Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument Airplane Ratings Pass the Captain Review Board and sign a Letter of Commitment Mentorship and promo materials, up to $5,000, Instructor Placement Program


Additional Details:

  • Upon reaching ATP/R-ATP minimum flight experience requirements, Envoy will pay for the ATP/CTP course (valued at $5,000) for qualified candidates needing to complete the ATP written exam prior to new hire training. Hotel accommodations and ground transportation during the ATP/CTP course will be provided.
  • Cadets successfully completing the ATP-CTP course and written exam will be placed into the next available new hire class at Envoy upon reaching minimums, with no additional interview required. An additional bonus of up to $10,000 will be paid upon completion of the new-hire First Officer class, with an additional $8,000 bonus paid after the first year of service.

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Work for Envoy – Envoy employs Cadet, who is eligible for benefits

Earn Cadet Bonus – Cadet is not employed by Envoy, but eligible for Cadet Bonus Payout.

Other - Consult school for additional details

Cadet University/Flight Schools: * Envoy can employ Cadet Instructors at these schools. For more information, please contact Envoy Pilot Recruitment at (972) 374-5607 or email Envoy.Cadet@aa.com.