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As a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Envoy is the largest regional airline provider for American, the world’s largest airline. And with an industry leading flow-through agreement to American, Envoy pilots have a direct path to a mainline flying career, with no additional interview required.

Envoy now offers industry-leading pilot pay, with a starting pay rate for new hires of more than $50 per hour.

Contact us at Envoy Pilot Recruitment at (972) 374-5607 or email EnvoyPilotRecruitment@aa.com.

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  • Industry-leading pay – Envoy has increased First Officer starting pay to more than $50 per hour.
  • Career path – A new hire today is projected to upgrade to Captain once minimums are met, with the fastest guaranteed flow to American of all regional airlines.
  • Fleet quality – Envoy operates more than 180 Embraer regional jets.
  • Exceptional training – Envoy has a reputation for leadership in airline pilot training and is highly respected among its industry peers.
  • Rotor Transition Program – We help rotor-wing military pilots become airline pilots in just a few months!
  • Profit sharing – Envoy employees participate in American Airlines Group Profit Sharing.
  • Travel privileges – Free and unlimited personal travel for you and your family on the world’s largest network with the same boarding priority as American Airlines employees.
  • Highest safety standards – Safety has and always will be our #1 priority.
  • Cadet program – Get paid to earn your flight hours while enjoying the benefits of being an Envoy employee in the Envoy Cadet Program.
  • Company paid – ATP/CTP Course, iPad Air 2, Global Entry, and Known Crewmember.
  • Preferred crew bases – Envoy shares hubs with American in Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, and Miami, with paid hotels for training and commuting.
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