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Up to $100K for Qualifying Pilots
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Part 121 - New benefits!

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Experienced Pilots: Earn up to $100K before your first day

Envoy is pleased to offer a new Experienced Pilot Bonus for Part 121.436 qualifying pilots who receive a conditional job offer before June 30, 2024.This limited-time offer will give $100,000 to pilots with 950 qualifying Part 121.436 flight hours, and $75,000 to pilots with 500 to 949 qualifying Part 121.436 flight hours. The full amount of these bonuses (after taxes) will be paid on Day Zero – the day before training. To receive this bonus, eligible pilots must accept conditional job offer before June 30, 2024 and must be assigned a class within 90 days of receipt of a conditional job offer.

In addition to these enhanced bonuses, new First Officers will be eligible to receive a 50% Pilot Supply premium and Captain’s pay at 750 Part-121.436 flight hours through December 31, 2026.

For more information, contact a recruiter at EnvoyPilotRecruitment@aa.com or call (972) 374-5607.

We understand that while bonus cash is nice, your Quality of Life is just as important as your paychecks. We believe that our new Quality of Life Perks* are some of the best in the industry!


  • 1:1 Longevity Credit — Pilots with previous Part-121 experience can count their years of service toward compensation rates, vacation days and retirement benefits at Envoy. Those hours are also eligible for Captain Pay as a First Officer.
  • Captain Pay as a First Officer Receive Captain’s hourly rate at 750 hours while you fly as a First Officer.
  • Long Call Reserve — Get at least 12 hours notice before your trip assignment.
  • Minimum of 12 days off per month
  • 1:2 Duty & 1:4 Trip Rigs — Get paid for your downtime on trips with fewer flights.
  • 100% “Deadhead” Pay
  • 150% Holiday Pay Six paid holidays plus Halloween and the “Big Football Game”.
  • 250-Hour Sick Bank Payout — Turn those unused sick days into extra pay days when you transition to American Airlines.
  • Preferential Bidding System Build your monthly schedule based on your preferences. (Coming soon!)
  • Preferred Crew Bases Envoy shares hubs with American in Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Miami, and Phoenix with paid hotels for traveling to and from training.
  • Generous Commuter Policy — We offer up to four paid commuter hotels per month.
  • Fleet Renewal — Envoy has a growing fleet of Embraer 170 and 175s.
  • ATP-CTP Course Paid For those candidates who need to complete the exam prior to training.
  • Global Entry — We offer a $100-reimbursement for Global Entry/TSA Precheck memberships to speed you through security.


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As a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Envoy is the largest regional airline provider for American, the world’s largest airline. And with an industry leading flow-through agreement to American, Envoy pilots have a direct path to a mainline flying career, with no additional interview required.

There’s never been a better, or more lucrative, time to become a pilot. With a starting pay rate for new hires of more than $93 per hour, increased sign-on bonuses, and opportunities for career advancement, Envoy is leading the industry in pilot compensation.

Questions? Talk to the Pilot Recruitment team at 972-374-5607 or email EnvoyPilotRecruitment@aa.com.


* Terms and conditions apply.