Envoy Spotlight: GSE Maintenance

The Envoy Ground Support Equipment (GSE) shop at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is a dream job for mechanics, with a plethora of machines waiting for expert handling and maintenance. Anything from pickup trucks to deicers to belt-loaders and tugs are all used on the airport ramp to make sure the ground crews get the job done.

For an automotive mechanic coming from a car shop, working at a GSE shop is a very different experience. The mechanics at the GSE shop in DFW welcome the challenges and variety of projects, because, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

Many of the GSE mechanics came from an automotive background, but learned on the job about the nuances of maintaining the airline-specific machines. Some mechanics came to Envoy as certified automotive mechanics, but most were hired on with 12 months experience working in maintenance.

“As long as you have basic mechanical knowledge, we can build on that,” says DFW GSE Regional Manager Angie Puckett. “Nobody comes off the street knowing how to work on belt-loaders or deicing trucks. But we can teach you how to work on them, and that usually gets people really enthusiastic about that opportunity.”

Sum of its parts



While the GSE mechanic isn’t as visible or well-known as an aircraft mechanic, their role at Envoy is just as important. Angie refers to the GSE mechanics as “background music” in a movie that, while it isn’t the star of the show, adds to the film and rounds out its aesthetic.

In addition to the 15 hundred-plus pieces of equipment in DFW, they also provide GSE maintenance to eight nearby airports. On a daily basis, mechanics will jump in a truck or on a plane and travel to stations like Amarillo, Tyler, San Angelo or Grand Junction.

In that way, Angie says, GSE mechanics are like “emergency responders.” Whether it’s a broken down belt-loader or a ground power unit (GPU) on the fritz, GSE mechanics swoop in to save the day.

Emmanuel Carrasquillo, DFW GSE Regional Supervisor, says that the best part about a GSE mechanic’s job is that “no two days are alike,” which makes coming to work each day an adventure. Mechanics also have many options for their schedule since Envoy DFW GSE is a 24-7 operation, plus, they have the ability to transfer to other GSE shops throughout the system such as Miami and Chicago.

Good for growth


The perks of working for Envoy can’t be matched at any auto shop. With free travel privileges for Envoy employees and their families, healthcare benefits, company-matched 401(k) and much more, Envoy GSE mechanics are setup for a comfortable career.

When it comes down to it, Angie says, GSE mechanics have the opportunity to improve their skills, fulfill their passion for fixing problems and work in a unique industry that’s worlds apart from the run-of-the-mill automotive shop.

“[Envoy] is very good for those wanting to build their career at a company,” says Angie. “Two of my supervisors started as mechanics in this shop, as did the Envoy GSE Director. The ability to grow in this company and do something else is definitely possible.”

Interested in becoming a GSE mechanic at Envoy? Click here for more info.


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