Saving lives in Chicago

We’ve recognized several Envoy employees since American extended the Real American Hero program to wholly-owned regional carriers earlier this year. But it’s the Envoy team in Chicago (ORD) that gets a notable mention for their actions – with three agents saving two lives in three days.

The first incident involved a passenger collapsing on the jetbridge while boarding an aircraft. Envoy Passenger Services Agent Sharon Cruz-Holguin used her previous nursing experience to provide first aid to the customer until paramedics arrived. Just three days later, another passenger experienced a medical issue and Envoy Passenger Services Agent Lillian Miller and Passenger Services Supervisor Alex Lopez stepped into action.

“He wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse – we knew we had to act fast,” said Lillian. “Alex rushed to grab oxygen and an AED [Automated External Defibrillator], and with the assistance of two passengers who were medical professionals, we administered a shock and helped until paramedics arrived.” The passenger survived the incident and even sent a family photo to Lillian after the event to thank her for actions.

“We’re all proud of Sharon, Lillian and Alex – their actions made the biggest difference you can possibly make to the lives of our passengers,” said Devon Morgan, Envoy Managing Director, Customer Services. “Outstanding job – you’re all heroes!”

The Real American Hero award comes with a $1,000 cash prize and a very special hero cape. Way to go, Sharon, Lillian and Alex!


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