Envoy leaders send out toys, receive a big thanks

Every year, Envoy holds a Leaders Conference in Irving, Texas to bring together company officers and managers from around the country to network, share ideas, and learn the state of the company from Envoy President & CEO Pedro Fábregas and Envoy leadership. The most fun and best part of the conference is always the team-building activity that also benefits a local charity.

This year, Envoy team members collaborated to build rocking horses, rocking chairs and stuffed animals to donate to Alliance for Children, a non-profit child advocacy center in North Texas. Throughout the night, teams competed in games and raced to see who could build the most toys the fastest.

“When planning the conference, we try to focus on employee engagement – and team building activities are a great way to accomplish that,” said Nancy Kalin, Envoy Director of Communications. “When the event benefits a charitable cause, everyone works harder because they know their effort is going to something bigger than a game.”



After a raucous night of building and stuffing, the toys were sent to families and clients of the Alliance for Children throughout the North Texas area. In a letter written to Envoy, Alliance Volunteer Coordinator Jamie Harton says families, children and therapists have been singing praises for their new toys, and each child has been able to find “just the right one” to match the children’s personalities.

One therapist at Alliance said, “I keep hearing how sweet and cute they are and one mom said her kiddo had always wanted a rocking horse everywhere they saw one, but she hadn’t been able to get her one before now.”

In addition, Envoy received a handwritten thank-you card signed by Alliance volunteers and therapists.

“Thank you for your generosity! The thoughtful gift is going to bring joy and smiles to so many kiddos’ faces,” wrote an Alliance volunteer.

“Thank you, Envoy Air, for all of your hard work, love and dedication in helping our children. We are eternally grateful!” wrote an Alliance counselor.

As part of Envoy’s mission to be the world’s best regional airline, the company tries to take every opportunity to help those in need whether it’s sending relief to hurricane victims, volunteering free time or building rocking horses. But none of this is possible without the dedication of Envoy’s caring and passionate employees.


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