American opens new DFW hub control center

Last week, American formally unveiled a new $10 million combined hub control center at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). The new center – which includes Envoy operations – enables closer coordination between American, Envoy and the other American Eagle branded regional operations at one of American’s most important hubs.

IMG_DFW_October_2017_New_Operations_Center-8“More than 2,300 Envoy employees work at DFW, operating nearly 300 American Eagle branded flights every day,” said Jose Velez-Rubio, Envoy Vice President, DFW during the event. “This new facility will make it much easier to see what’s happening out in the operation, communicate quickly with each other and coordinate across all departments. The ultimate winner in all of this is American’s customers.”

More than 50 Envoy employees will man the new DFW control center around the clock, ensuring safe and smooth operations at DFW.

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