Coming soon: Ten more E175 to the Envoy fleet!

Today, American Airlines announced it will acquire ten additional 76-seat, two-class Embraer 175 (E175) aircraft and place them with Envoy Air to operate under the American Eagle brand, beginning in fourth quarter 2018.

“These new aircraft not only represent growth for Envoy, they will drive increased jobs across all workgroups,” said President and CEO Pedro Fábregas. “None of this would be possible without everyone’s hard work and dedication to providing truly outstanding service.”

American’s investment in Envoy’s fleet is a positive sign for all employees, but especially for pilots seeking a long-term career as a commercial airline pilot. As a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines, Envoy pilots are guaranteed to “flow through” to fly for American in seniority order, without having to complete an additional interview. American pilots enjoy the highest pay and youngest fleet in the industry, and all American and Envoy employees enjoy free travel on American’s global network.

“Together, our team has built the logistical capability and technical expertise to scale up the size of our E-Jet fleet,” said Dee Temples, Senior Vice President of Air Operations. “This latest decision to place 10 additional EMB-175s at Envoy reflects the confidence of American Airlines in our team.”

Envoy currently operates more than 800 flights a day to over 150 destinations, with a fleet of more than 150 jets, including 40 E175s. Together with an additional four E175s that are on previous order to arrive later this year, these ten new aircraft slated for delivery next fall will bring Envoy’s E175 fleet to 54.

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