Here’s to half a century of service!

IMG_DFW_GSE_Willie_Green_50_Year_Service_Anniversary_May_2019-8Recently, our DFW Ground Support Equipment (GSE) team came together to recognize and congratulate DFW GSE Crew Chief Willie Green for reaching an impressive 50 year service anniversary. Willie currently holds the third-highest seniority out of all Envoy employees.

“When I joined, I never thought I’d be around all that long, but here I am!” joked Willie during the recognition event, which included custom-made chocolate candies with the team’s favorite phrases from Willie printed on them.

After the team shared stories about their favorite moments with Willie over the years, Senior Vice President, Customer Services, John Jaynes presented Willie with his 50-year service anniversary award. “Everyone look around – you don’t see these service pins often – five white stones!”

An impressive milestone no matter how you slice it. Way to go, Willie!

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