Returning home to inspire kids to become aviators

Last year, we highlighted Envoy Capt. Philipe Abs Da Cruz and American Airlines Flight Attendant Mathias Hoffmeister and their special journey from Brazil to the United States, and from Envoy to American Airlines.

Recently, the happy couple returned to Philipe’s high school near Fort Lauderdale, Florida to inspire kids to get involved in aviation. “One of my teachers almost cried when she saw me, because it was her dream to become an airline pilot,” said Capt. Abs Da Cruz. “She was born in Romania and the government at the time didn’t allow women to fly. Mathias was a great help and at the table next to us was an Ameriflight recruiter who graduated high school with me and her husband, who is a pilot for Reva air ambulance.”

Way to get kids inspired in aviation, guys!

IMG_FLT_Philpe_Abs_Da_Cruz_Career_Day_May_2019 (1)

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