60-Second Interview: Miami VP Migdoel Rosa

In celebration of Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month, we’re sharing a series of sixty-second interviews from our Hispanic & Latino Leaders, all across the Envoy operation, who have been a large part of growing the company from the days of American Eagle.

For this installment, we hear from Miami Hub Vice President Migdoel Rosa, who oversees our operation at Miami International Airport (MIA).

When did you get your start in aviation, and what was your first position?  

I started in 1983. I worked for a ground handling company as a charter coordinator and later as an aircraft dispatcher. Then in 1986, I was hired by American Airlines as a Fleet Service Clerk.

What did you learn then that you believe has helped you achieve the position you’re in now?

The company didn’t have many resources at that time. Therefore, I learned how to survive by being creative and curious at the same time. I was always involved in different areas like the Aircraft Maintenance, Ground Service Equipment, and Cargo departments.

What does it mean to you to celebrate our Hispanic & Latinx heroes, historical figures, pioneers and visionaries during this annual, national recognition?

It’s an inspiration to honor the footsteps of those who helped build this country and our community. Together, we all cherish the values of diversity, respect and integration.

With Envoy/American Eagle’s history in Puerto Rico and current operations and relationships in Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean, why is it important to you that we’re a company made up of so many diverse backgrounds?

I see it as competitive advantage. We cater to a diverse and multi-cultural market. We are proud of fostering a work environment that has representation from almost every country of the region. And, it’s part of my DNA!

Tell us one “Fun Fact” about you that many people might not know!

Bailo regueton! (I dance reggaeton!) And, I still use handkerchief every day — it’s a baby boomer thing!

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