Appleton celebrates first Customer Cup win

The Envoy team in Appleton, Wisconsin (ATW) has come a long way. From the station’s successful and smooth opening in July 2017, through chilly Wisconsin winters, hot summers, Oshkosh air show festivals and local industry growth, the team has succeeded. And to recognize that success, the team recently won an American Airlines Customer Cup win for outstanding operational performance and customer satisfaction for the third quarter of 2021 (3Q21).

“We don’t have the routes or the aircraft that larger stations like Green Bay (GRB) has, so we have to beat ‘em on customer service and small town convenience,” said ATW Airport Director, Abe Weber during the station’s Cup celebration. “A big part of that is the Envoy team and American Eagle service we have here at ATW – we appreciate you, Jake!”

Envoy ATW General Manager, Jake Thomack adds “We have a great partnership with the airport; everything from valet parking to dog kennels, dry cleaning and more is available for our customers.”

And customers is what team ATW saw more of; not only did the team see the highest level of traffic in the station’s history during the EAA AirVenture air show in July 2021, but has also seen sustained increases in customer traffic from the local community as demand for air travel continues to return in 2021.

“Toilet paper, tissues, napkins, straws, packing materials, fire trucks, manhole covers – you name it, we probably make it here in the Appleton area,” adds Abe. “While many locations across the U.S. saw a decline in demand and travel due to the pandemic, here in Appleton, the community was eager to travel again, and we were happy to help with that.”

To help with the increased demand, the station staffed up and currently employs 22 team members.

“I’d never been on a plane before until I got this job, but now I love to fly when I can” says ATW Station Agent Molly Maxwell-Clark, who joined Envoy in 2019 “Our customers know who we are and it’s great to work with them.” New hire, ATW Station Agent Jonah Bixby adds that he began a career in local law enforcement but decided to change to aviation during the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, between a long aircraft turn, new and old faces celebrated their achievement with a special lunch, cake and other festivities.

“The team does a great job and I’m proud of everything they do, adds Jake. “We’re all hoping for a DFW flight and another Cup win in 4Q21!”

Keep being awesome, team ATW!

Click here to see photos from the station’s celebration.


What is the Customer Cup?

The Customer Cup is a quarterly award and celebration organized by American Airlines to recognize stations that demonstrate the strongest performance in Customer Experience.

How do you win?

Each station across the AAG network – both domestic and international – competes against others of the same size and operational likeness. Stations are measured by performance in several metrics, including:

  • Departure Dependability (D0)
  • Turn Dependability (T0)
  • Baggage Performance (MBR)
  • Customer Feedback & Airport Experience

What do stations win?

Every quarter, winning stations receive the Customer Cup to recognize the efforts of employees at that station. Winning stations are also entered into the running for the top prize in the competition – the Champions Cup – which is typically awarded annually in the Spring. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was put on hold between 1Q20 and 2Q21.

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