Abilene and the return of the Customer Cup

Some things never change. Sure, it’s been more than a year since the American Airlines Customer Cup has been handed out, and there may be new faces working at ticket counters and ramps across the country. 

But it was evident at Abilene Regional Airport (ABI), the award-winning commitment to safety, reliability and service of an Envoy station remains the same. Like a fine-tuned machine unloading and loading a flight, it was obvious why the team was awarded with the 3Q21 Customer Cup.

Levi Dowdy, ABI Customer Services Supervisor, said that familiarity is the secret to their success.

“When we’re on the ramp turning a flight, it’s become automatic because we know each other so well,” said Levi. “The way we assist each other or know each other’s patterns makes it easier to be on-time.”

All for one and one for all

Three Envoy agents pose for a photo at Abilene Regional Airport.

The Customer Cup awards outstanding stations who excel at set of metrics measuring the timeliness, accuracy and professionalism of the team’s daily work. The metrics include departure and turn dependability (D0 and T0), baggage performance (MBR), and overall customer satisfaction.

With a huge jump in baggage performance and consistent improvement across the board, ABI beat out 44 other stations in their category to take home the award in the third quarter. 

“Last year was challenging, but we’ve continued to get better as a team regardless,” said Customer Services Agent Genolyn Timbol. “We pride ourselves in always making plans and committing to safety first. And when you’re like a family, the job comes easy and you really enjoy it.”

Hard work pays off

Abilene agents and General Manager Taylor Stevenson (far right) pose for a photo at Abilene Regional Airport.

In celebration of their achievement, ABI General Manager Taylor Stevenson held a luncheon and invited local media, airport partners, city officials and Envoy executives to join the festivities. In attendance were Senior VP Customer Services John Jaynes, VP Airport Services Jude Mayeux, and Regional Managing Director Cliff Coll who took turns congratulating the group.

“I have to give all the credit for this win to you,” Taylor told the ABI Agents and employees. “You all believed in each other, and you should be proud. This is a truly amazing and special group that the city of Abilene is lucky to have working here.”

While winning the Customer Cup isn’t a main focus for the group, by just staying the course and focusing on safety, reliability and service, Team Abilene has a stellar chance of hoisting the trophy again. Way to go, ABI — congratulations!

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