VIDEO: All in the Envoy Family

Members of the Matos family have over sixty years of experience with Envoy combined. The first to join American Eagle — or Executive Airlines, in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the time, was Flight Attendant Silvia Matos, in 1990.

“I always had a passion for flying,” Silvia said. “Being a flight attendant has been a great experience. Being in direct contact with our passengers and helping them is one of the best things about this job. I’ve also had the opportunity to be able to build a second family here.”

Flight Attendant, Silvia Matos (left), and her sister, Lead Customer Service Agent, Lucy Matos (right) — both MIA based.

Sister, Sister

Silvia knew that her sister, Lucy, was looking for a new career opportunity, so she recommended that she join the company as well. Lucy Matos, now a Lead Customer Service Agent for our team at Miami International Airport (MIA), was going to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become a flight attendant, but she decided that her skills and past work experience were better suited with the Customer Service team.

“I like working with the Customer Service team because every day is a new challenge,” said Lucy. “I’m always learning new things. There’s an amazing group of people that I work with, and I feel connected to them. I also get to see my sister all the time at work, since we’re based at the same hub, and I hope to one day see my son based here, too.”

Lucy (sixth from left) celebrating her 27th anniversary with the MIA Customer Service team.

The Family that Works Together, Stays Together

In 2022, Lucy’s son, Envoy Captain Nestor Ortiz Matos, rejoined Envoy as a pilot on the Embraer 175 based out of Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). He was first part of the American Eagle team as a fleet service clerk when he was eighteen years old in Puerto Rico.

Getting his foot in the door with the company was his first step to becoming a pilot, something he knew that he wanted to be since he was about six years old. Learning about the operation from the ground and creating his support system with his family, friends and colleagues were what helped him get to where he is today.

After working on the ramp, it was time to take the next step and build his hours as a pilot by flying cargo in the Caribbean. After that, he joined Seaborne Airlines before getting enough qualifying hours and eventually receiving an offer at Envoy as a Direct-entry Captain (DEC).

Capt. Nestor Ortiz Matos, as a teen, on an American Airlines 727 aircraft.

Nestor’s goal is to transfer to MIA in the future where the change of weather will take him back to his days in the Caribbean. While there, he said that he may find it a bit easier to bid on some flights with his Aunt Silvia as part of his crew, so they can then take his mom Lucy somewhere as one of their passengers. After that, he plans on continuing his career at American Airlines with the flow that Envoy offers.

Want to join the Envoy family? Apply for a Customer Service Agent position, become a Flight Attendant or take seat in the Flight Deck as a Pilot.


Header photos are of MIA Flight Attendant, Silvia Matos (left) and Capt. Nestor Ortiz Matos and his Mom, MIA Lead Customer Service Agent, Lucy Matos, in MIA during Nestor’s Initial Operating Experience (right). All photos are courtesy of the Matos family.
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