All in the fAAmily featuring Envoy Pilots Keith and Derrick Peterson

In the vast expanse of the sky, where dreams take flight and aspirations soar, two brothers, Captain Keith Peterson and First Officer Derrick Peterson, have woven their destinies together as pilots for Envoy. Recently, the Peterson brothers had the special opportunity to fly an Envoy flight side by side – not just a professional achievement but a deeply personal experience that echoed their lifelong bond.

Below, Derrick shares a bit about his experience at Envoy, his relationship with his brother, and his journey to the flight deck.

Sibling rivalry to friendly skies

Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Salt Lake City, the Peterson brothers found their inspiration to become pilots in different corners of the world. The eldest brother, Keith, ignited the spark for Derrick when he was in Hawaii working on his pilot ratings. After joining Keith on a flight along the mesmerizing coast in a Cessna 172, Derrick quickly discovered his own passion for flight.

Fueled by a playful sibling rivalry and the realization that he could achieve more, Derrick embarked on his own three-year journey to earn his pilot ratings upon returning home. “Keith definitely influenced me, because if he can do it, I can obviously do it better,” joked Derrick.

All roads lead to Envoy

When asked why they chose Envoy, the answer was rooted in the airline’s history of caring for its employees and customers. The prospect of a flow-through program to American Airlines added another layer to the decision.

“Envoy has a great history of taking care of their employees and customers,” Derrick said. “And that a history I want to be part of.”

Reflecting on their experiences, the brothers share valuable advice for aspiring pilots. “My best advice is simple: Don’t give up,” said Derrick. “I can tell you I have had my fair share of trials I have had to overcome. Just remember to celebrate the successes, and don’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes. It will all be worth it.”

Brotherhood takes flight

Beyond their professional achievements, the brothers have been lifelong best friends. Having officiated each other’s weddings, their recent shared flight was a culmination of a dream long in the making. Grateful for the opportunity, they recognize the rarity and significance of such an experience, symbolizing not just a journey in the skies but a shared odyssey of brotherhood.

Thank you, Captain Keith Peterson and First Officer Derrick Peterson, for sharing your story!



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