VIDEO – Double Life: Musicians Run the Runway

In a world where leadership and creativity often go hand in hand, there’s a unique group of individuals who not only excel in their respective fields, but also possess a hidden talent for music. These three remarkable leaders have proven that their passion for both aviation and music can coexist harmoniously, showcasing the power of a well-rounded skill set.

A Passion for Music

“I just love music. I took piano lessons in elementary school and that taught me about music fundamentals and how to read sheet music,” said Envoy Senior Vice President, Air Operations, Dee Temples. “I later became interested in rock drumming in middle school and got my first set of drums when I was eleven. A band I was in even tried to make some original music in our own studio. It was neat to come up with my own drum arrangements”, he continued.

Envoy Director, Maintenance Operations, Bob Simmons adds that his love for music began at an early age as well. He sang in a choir, played the tuba in school, and took classical piano lessons. In 2008, he joined the rock and roll cover band, Hollow Point, and began playing at numerous events around North Texas. “Music makes you feel good. It’s a blessing to me to play music and turn it into an emotion and get an emotional response out of an other person,” said Bob.

For SOC Program Manager, John Vallejo music was something he had always heard at home. Growing up, he admired his family, which was full of musicians, and found solace in the melodies and beats of Latin music, Jazz, and Funk. “I studied music in college, and I play the piano, guitar, drums, bass and percussion”, said John.

Balancing Act

As a third generation Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic, with 32 years in the aviation under his belt, balancing the demanding schedules as Envoy’s Director of Maintenance Operations and the leader of a band is no easy feat for Bob. He has become a master of time management by meticulously planning his work and music commitments to ensure that neither suffers. He credits his success in maintaining this delicate rhythm to the unwavering support of his bandmates and his wife, who are also working professionals, so they understand the demands of his aviation career.

“My wife, Patricia, is my foundation and my rock. She keeps me grounded,” said Bob. “We met at work when she was in Crew Scheduling here at Envoy, and she would do coffee runs for the team. After a while, I told her that I owed her for the coffee and invited her out for dinner instead. When we decided to get married, we had a Starbucks theme at the wedding.”

Taking Flight and Hitting the Stage

John has soared through the ranks in the aviation industry, but he has also soared through the ranks of musicians to be able to play onstage with talented musical artists.

“I’ve met a lot of great musicians and I’ve been able to network and do a lot of auditions,” said John. “Through those many auditions, I’ve had the opportunity to play with David Bisbal, Marco Antonio Solis and Nelly Furtado.”

In October of last year, at Envoy’s Air Operations Leadership Conference, Bob and his band, Hollow Point, shared the stage with John and Dee.

Intersecting Flights and Music

Our leaders serve as a powerful inspiration to individuals who believe they must choose one passion over another. With dedication, perseverance, and careful planning, it is possible to pursue multiple passions simultaneously. This is a reminder to never be afraid to chase your dreams, even if they lead you down unconventional paths.

“When you play with a band in a live setting, you not only do what you rehearsed, but you improvise and adapt to change. That is how a live band plays music in a way that the listener finds entertaining,” said Dee. “In the case of the airline, the customers just want a great performance, and the airline only performs well if every member of the team works together as a team. Communication is key.”

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