A Legacy of Flight: Celebrating Father’s Day with Captain Toby Schmidt and First Officer Jonathan Schmidt

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the bond between fathers and their children. For many, this bond is rooted in shared experiences and mutual passions. Today, we delve into the unique story of  father-son duo, Captain Toby Schmidt and his son, First Officer Jonathan Schmidt, who share a profound love for aviation and an employer: Envoy!

A Shared Passion for the Skies

Captain Toby Schmidt has been with Envoy Air, American Eagle Airlines and our heritage companies for nearly as long as his son Jonathan has been alive. Toby’s enduring career in aviation naturally influenced Jonathan, who grew up immersed in the lifestyle of a pilot. From a young age, Jonathan was captivated by the world of aviation, which led him to join the Civil Air Patrol and eventually serve in the United States Air Force (USAF).

“Seeing the lifestyle is sort of all I knew,” Jonathan recalls. “Even as a young kid, I took interest in aviation and that exposure definitely influenced by career path.”

For both Toby and Jonathan, the appeal of being a pilot extends beyond the technical aspects of flying. It’s about the adventure, the ever-changing environments, and the breathtaking views from the flight deck.

“I love being able to do something different each day,” Jonathan shares. “Different hotels, amenities, attractions, airports, and so on. The views are spectacular as well!”

A Father’s Support

A pivotal aspect of Jonathan’s journey into aviation has been the unwavering support from his father. Toby shared his wealth of knowledge about flying with Jonathan, and conversations about the physics of flight and the intricacies of navigation were commonplace.

“I’m super happy to be able to say that my dad endorsed my first couple of hours of instruction,” Jonathan reflects. “He’s been a wealth of knowledge and experience for me to have while trying to jumpstart my career.”

Fun fact: Jonathan interviewed and accepted a conditional job offer at Envoy last November on his dad’s birthday (seen pictured above), thirty years and a day after Toby initially accepted his job offer with Envoy.

Father/Son Adventures

One of the many perks of a career in aviation is  is the ability to travel the world. Jonathan fondly recalls numerous family trips during his childhood, particularly to Mexico. These trips were not just vacations but also opportunities to create lasting memories and strengthen their bond.

“I remember taking lots of family trips when I was younger,” Jonathan shares. “I have such great memories of renting four-wheelers and racing around trails on the beach with my dad and going out on sailboats together.”

Thank you to Captain Toby Schmidt and First Officer Jonathan Schmidt for sharing how their mutual passion for aviation has not only shaped their careers but also provided a foundation for countless adventures and cherished memories. This Father’s Day, we celebrate their journey and special connection.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures who inspire, support, and share in the passions of their children. Here’s to you, dads!

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