A Tale of Lifelong Friendship at 30,000 Feet

In honor of National Best Friends Day, we’re celebrating the bonds that keep us grounded even as we soar through life’s adventures. Envoy Flight Attendant Jennifer Drahos and Air Operations Recruitment Director, Elise Shirey, share how their paths intertwined in high school and led them back together again, both soaring to new heights at Envoy.

Dance is how we do it

Jennifer and Elise’s friendship began in the halls of South Grand Prairie High School, in Grand Prairie, Texas. Fate, or perhaps a kick-line routine, brought them together as freshmen on the dance team.

“Picture this: freshman year, dance team, kick-line,” Jennifer reminisces. “The dance instructor put us side by side because of our height. Elise’s wit had me cracking up, and just like that, we hit it off!”

Whether they were dancing or attempting to memorize 90’s R&B lyrics, the two could always be found together. “We pretty much instantly became friends,” said Elise. “We were inseparable all through high school.”

Different paths, same destination

Their friendship, rooted in laughter and shared experiences, grew stronger over the years. But as life often does, it took them on different paths after high school. Elise pursued a career as a Flight Attendant with American Eagle, ultimately becoming the Director of Air Operations Recruitment at Envoy.

Meanwhile, Jennifer explored her passions, eventually finding herself at a career crossroads.  “I vividly remember bumping into Elise and hearing about her tales of being a Flight Attendant,” said Jennifer. “Her passion was contagious! Elise’s enthusiasm for her job guided me straight to Envoy,” said Jennifer.

Their reunion wasn’t just a chance encounter; it was a reunion of kindred spirits. “I was so happy to learn Jennifer applied to Envoy,” said Elise. “ I am excited that our paths crossed again and that, even though time has passed, our friendship remains the same.”

Go best friend

As they look to the future, the dynamic duo is excited to see where life’s journey takes them, both personally and professionally. Their friendship is a testament to the idea that distance and time are mere obstacles that cannot diminish the bond between true friends.

Here’s to Jennifer and Elise, whose friendship defies distance, and to all the friendships that lift us up and make life’s journey a little sweeter. Happy Best Friends Day!

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