#NationalCameraDay 2024 featuring MIA Airport Services Manager, Salima Medina

Oh snap! Tomorrow is National Camera Day and to celebrate, we’re sharing a special interview with Envoy’s own Miami Airport Services Manager, Salima Medina. As a photographer of 20 years and an Envoy employee since 2018, Salima shares her background, more about her role, and tips for those looking to get into photography.

What’s your Envoy story?

I began as a supervisor at Envoy in 2018, launching the Support Service department at MIA—a new experience for myself and the company. Later, I supervised the Baggage Service department for several months and then continued in the same position, gaining experience in the Airport Services department. This role included overseeing the security of 14 daily flights to Cuba and Tel Aviv, which was an incredible exercise in discipline. A year later, I was promoted to manager of this department, which includes 94 SkyCaps across three equipment rooms and warehouses.

What piqued your interest to work for the airline industry?

I ventured into the aviation industry purely out of curiosity to explore an unknown world.

What does your day-to-day look like in your role at Envoy?

My daily work is a rollercoaster filled with continuous learning, responsibilities, and challenges, which require a high degree of empathy and discipline—two sides of the same coin.

Where do you love to travel when you use your flight benefits?

I often travel to be with my family and friends, as we are spread across the globe while I discover whole new cultures.

What’s your favorite camera to shoot with?

I began photography at 20 with a Minolta 35mm camera, whose lenses turned out to have the same mount as some of today’s Sony cameras. I have had the opportunity to try countless pieces of photographic equipment and brands, which today form a collection I proudly maintain. I have a preference for a Canon camera, which has proven to be a reliable workhorse with excellent performance in snow, mountains, and sea.

What’s your favorite subject to shoot?

I can photograph anything because each image has a story to tell, but the avgeek in me enjoys photographing majestic airplanes like the 777-200.

Any tips or tricks to share with anyone interested in photography?

Today, photography has become widespread thanks to technology integrating cameras into every phone, broadening the horizons for exploring and developing this art. It allows for immediate results, making it not only more accessible but also much more popular and fun. However, there is a certain magic in holding a camera with a fisheye lens, which creates a stunning and almost otherworldly visual universe.

All photos courtesy of Salima Medina (@sameped).


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