Video: 2024 PAPA Expo Recap

Envoy partners with aviation diversity organizations across the nation to ensure that the aviation industry is as diverse as the customers and communities we serve. One of the best parts of these partnerships is participating in yearly conferences to network with attendees, learn more about specific issues and concerns, and work together to continue to make aviation safe and secure for everyone.

The Professional Asian Pilots Association (PAPA) Expo in Las Vegas was no different, as aviators at all stages of their careers mingled and networked with airlines recruiting talent and promoting their workplace cultures.

Members from the Envoy Air Operations Recruitment team were in attendance to recruit pilots to join Envoy, as well as experience the vibrant atmosphere celebrating the multitude of Asian cultures. When pilots attend an event like the PAPA Expo, our recruiters become their doorway and guides into their prospective aviation careers.

“We want to connect with candidates and talk up Envoy’s reputation as a premier regional airline for pilots,” said Envoy Pilot Recruiter Kasie Cox. “Basically, we try to sell our Quality-of-Life perks and lay out all the opportunities they have to achieve happiness in their careers.”

Something to lean on

For a pilot who is either coming from another airline or joining their first, our Recruiters are a crucial resource for navigating uncharted territories. By being their points of contact and guiding them through their process, Recruiters eventually become cheerleaders for candidates’ success, which is needed at those times.

No one knows that better than Envoy First Officer Pat Dennison. He started his Envoy career as a recruiter for our Airport teams, served in the Army for four years where he got the urge to become a pilot, began flight training with Envoy and is now a First Officer and Pilot Recruiter with us.

“When I started at Envoy, I fell in love with the work and the organization,” Pat said. “As an Envoy Cadet, I was happy to lean on recruiters who pushed me every step of the way. Now, I get the opportunity to return that favor for young pilots and show them what their career could be.”

Culture and Career

Envoy Captain Jay Abdal is another success story to share with attendees at the PAPA Expo. As a PAPA member and Asian pilot, Jay is fantastic asset for the Recruitment team who can speak to candidates on many levels.

“I want to show young pilots that there’s more to these conferences than just interviews and meetings,” Jay said. “I urge them to use this as place to share ideas, connect with your culture and find a mentor. These actions can make for a strong and fulfilling career, too.”

With so much cultural engagement and activity, the PAPA Expo was a lively event filled with traditional music, dances, attire, foods, martial arts performances and more. Although the spectacle of it all was captivating, Envoy Recruiters knew that their time there could one day be invaluable to potential Envoy Pilot.

“When we meet folks at a conference or talk to one of our Cadets, we always tell them to continue their training and not to get discouraged,” said Kasie. “In the end, all the hard work they put into their careers will pay off and be rewarding for their futures.”

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