Get started in the regional airline industry


Our 10-week paid summer internship with travel privileges will not only enhance your studies, but also provides an educational experience you can’t find in the classroom. As an intern, you’ll learn real world skills while building a professional network of future peers. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how your team impacts the business day to day and gain an understanding of the commercial aviation business.

We currently only offer Summer Internships to Bachelor and Master’s level students in an array of program majors (Accounting, Engineering, Aviation, HR, Business, IT, Technical Writing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Law, etc.).

Our program is between 10-11 weeks and is based at our headquarters in Irving, TX. As an intern, you must be based in, or find housing in, the DFW-metroplex for the summer.

We partner with various departments to hire Interns who can work on a summer long project specific to each department. Each intern will present a final Capstone on their project at the end of the summer to our Officers and other team leads.  During that time interns may travel and attend airport tours, lunch and learns, and other events to help them understand our business.

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