Women With Wings: Updates and Upgrades

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

When Jessica Hines interviewed with Women With Wings she was on the verge of upgrading to Envoy Captain. She passed her exams with flying colors, and is now fully integrated into the left seat of the flight deck.

Another one of Envoy’s finest, Captain Nicole Cardin, also received an upgrade of sorts; she is a new Envoy instructor for the Embraer 145.

Both Jessica and Nicole were kind enough to break away from their busy schedules to answer a few questions about their new positions and share their thoughts on their fantastic accomplishments.

Captain Jessica HinesIMG_FLT_Jessica_Hines_Capt_Upgrade_Nov23-1

Captain Jessica Hines runs through her preflight checklist on the Embraer 140
How does it feel to be an Envoy Captain? It must be a relief.

It is! It is such a different job, and I’m very happy that I have all of my experience as a First Officer because I believe that it will make me a better Captain. I’m very excited to see what adventures this part of my career will bring.

How did you celebrate your accomplishment?

My husband planned a small party last weekend for me. I had a blast! In a few weeks we will be heading to South Africa to celebrate with our friends over there.

Operationally, how are you handling the change to the Captain’s seat?

It is quite a transition from right seat to left seat, but it is getting more and more natural and is already becoming second nature. When I made my first landing, my Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Captain said, “nice first left handed landing.”

What’s next for Captain Hines?

Enjoy being a Captain and pilot recruiter. Also, I hope to continue to inspire more females to become a pilot and come fly for Envoy!

Captain Nicole CardinIMG_FLT_WWW_Nicole_Cardin_Training-1

Captain Nicole Cardin (right) asks her trainee, Michael Jones II (left), tough questions about fuel capacity on the Embraer 145
How did the instructor position come to you?

I’ve actually wanted to be an instructor for years! It wasn’t until now that I really had the opportunity to become one for the company. They posted the open position and a few of my colleagues pushed me to apply.

What is like to be an instructor in such a solid training program like Envoy’s? Which aircraft are you teaching?

I’m teaching on the Embraer 145. The same plane I have been flying on the line. It is a great privilege and very exciting to get to participate in the training department.

What was your initial reaction to the job offer? Excited, nervous?

Just very excited. I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time.

IMG_FLT_WWW_Nicole_Cardin_Training-2What is your teaching style? What about your personality makes you a good instructor?

I think my teaching style is applied and thorough. They tell me that my upbeat personality helps everyone have a good attitude and feel at ease.

How can teaching benefit you as a pilot?

Teaching helps me become a better pilot in all aspects, because I am fine tuning the regulatory and book knowledge that I have as a line pilot.

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