Polar vortex brings unique challenges for BUF station


Last week’s polar vortex brought frigid temperatures to most of the Midwest, but for the Envoy team in Buffalo, New York (BUF), it also brought a new challenge and a unique question – how do you safely push an aircraft back into a white, foggy landscape?

“This turn – AA897 BUF-CLT – was one that our ramp team will never forget,” explains BUF Supervisor Mark Millanti. “Pushback driver Erin Jack, with wing walkers Jahi Thornton and Amy Giacometti really appreciated working with the American crew to get their aircraft turned safely. It was great to see such coordination and teamwork for a rare weather occurrence.”

Way to stay focused on safety, team BUF!

IMG_BUF_Feb_2019_Whiteout (2)

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