Industry-Transforming pay for Envoy pilots

We’re pleased to announce a new agreement with Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), which includes industry-leading pilot pay rates, a Pilot Supply Premium through Aug. 2024 and contract term through July 2029.


With this agreement, pilot pay rates increase to be higher than other non-American Airlines Group regional carriers, by 6% for Envoy First Officers and 10% for Envoy Captains.

Additionally, from the effective date through Aug. 31, 2024, Envoy pilots will receive a Pilot Supply Premium of 50% added to their hourly rate for all compensable hours.

Combining our new pilot wage scales with our previously-announced pilot Retention Bonus over five years, this transformative approach to pilot compensation makes Envoy pilots the highest paid in the regional airline industry and peers at national, LCC, ULCC and cargo carriers.

Got Part 121 Experience? Join the Envoy team!

Another important element of our recent agreements with ALPA is recognizing candidates’ experience at prior 121 carriers with a 1:1 longevity match, in addition to industry-leading pay and quality of life enhancements. Interested in learning more? Talk to the Pilot Recruitment team at 972-374-5607 or email

Flow to American Airlines

But it’s about more than pay, it’s also about a path to American Airlines for Envoy pilots. To demonstrate our firm belief in the flow program, this new agreement compensates any qualified pilot who has not been offered a position at American Airlines by the end of his or her fifth year of service at the year 20 Captain rate.

Quality of Life Enhancements

As a reminder, our recently-announced pilot quality of life improvements include:

  • Duty and Trip Rigs
  • Long Call Reserve (12 hours)
  • Preferential Bidding System (PBS)
  • Minimum of 12 days off per month
  • 100% deadhead pay
  • Holiday Premium & Premium Days
  • Rap Preference Bidding
  • Sick Bank Payout
  • And more

Interested in learning more? Whether you have experience at another carrier or are just starting out, our Pilot Recruitment team is happy to help. Talk to the team by calling 972-374-5607 or by email at

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