RSW wins the Cup again

In the world of aviation, achieving recognition is no small feat. At Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), the recent triumph in securing an American Airlines Customer Cup for outstanding customer satisfaction and operational performance in 3Q23 is a testament to the unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit of the entire team. This is the team’s second Customer Cup win in a row, building on their recent victory in 2Q23.

One of the station’s standout features is its diversity across Envoy and American Airlines team members. With individuals from various backgrounds and countries, coming to work is not just a task but an opportunity to learn from each other. A victory is never a solo act.

“While all of team RSW came together to achieve this win, a special shoutout goes to the Baggage Support Office team,” said Envoy RSW General Manager Maria Mayoli. “Their leadership, coupled with the dedication of every manager and team member, paved the way for success.”

Celebrating the Customer Cup

After the victory, RSW didn’t hold back in celebrating. The Customer Cup party saw a delightful spread of Mexican Bowl Catering from Qdoba, ensuring all employees across shifts were included. The festivities included capturing moments with the Cup, creating lasting memories, and reinforcing the sense of camaraderie that defines the RSW station.

As team RSW set their sights on future goals, the diverse team stands as a beacon of inspiration for other stations, proving that success is not just a destination but a journey fueled by collaboration and shared purpose.

Overcoming Challenges in 2023 and goals for 2024

Every achievement comes with its share of challenges. For RSW, the focal point in 2023 was training. Ensuring that each new team member not only understands their role but felt supported in their journey is crucial. Overcoming this hurdle is a testament to the resilience and adaptability embedded in the station’s culture.

Looking ahead, the RSW station has its sights set on an even loftier goal—the 4th quarter Customer Cup. This ambition showcases the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining the high standards that brought them success in the first place.

Congrats on the (second) win, team RSW and good luck for the future!

View the rest of the photos from the celebration here.

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