RSW With Another Cup Win!

In March, the Envoy and American Airlines teams at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) came together to offload a familiar piece of cargo from one of their aircraft – the American Airlines Customer Cup!

After winning the Cup in the first quarter of 2023 and then again in the third quarter of 2023, this fourth quarter trophy was a proud addition to their growing collection of awards.

“Winning the Customer Cup three out of four times in a year is absolutely phenomenal and really shows us the caliber of this team’s performance,” said American Airlines RSW General Manager Robert Conwell. “Both American and Envoy teams here at Fort Myers work very hard together day in and day out to make this operation run successfully, and this win shows that all of that hard work pays off.”

The team’s Cup celebration kicked off in the morning with a brief conference where representatives from all across the airport, including the TSA and airport authority, were also present.

“There’s no way we could make this happen without the collaboration of everybody in this room,” said Envoy RSW General Manager Maria Mayoli. “There are a lot of metrics that play into this – it’s not an easy award to win, but with the efforts of all of our teams we were able to bring it home again.”

With stations competing against others based on operational size, teams win the Customer Cup based on four key metrics: Customer Satisfaction, Departure Performance (D0), Turn Performance (T0) and Baggage Performance (MBR). As always, Safety is key, and stations must have no reportable damage events for the quarter in order to be in the running for a Cup win.

The celebration continued later that afternoon in the Envoy team’s breakroom. From catered lunch to scavenger hunts to games outside the ramp, the Envoy team had a great afternoon enjoying their win.
“We’re very proud of this team and this organization. Being safe on the ramp and working well together is how we accomplish these wins,” said Envoy Vice President MIA Hub Migdoel Rosa. “Let’s continue doing what we’re doing, which is performing the best we can and working well together. Thank you for a job well done.”
Congratulations Team RSW for another win – here’s to an equally successful 2024!

View more photos from the celebration here.

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