John Dixon

Vice President
Crew Services

John Dixon assumed the role of Vice President of Crew Planning in 2018, where he holds responsibility for the recruitment, assignment, and scheduling of pilots and flight attendants. In this capacity, he supervises Pilot Recruiting, Flight Simulator Planning & Scheduling, and Crew Scheduling. Previously, John held positions as Managing Director of Crew Resources and Director of Maintenance Safety and Compliance.

With over 17 years of service in the U.S. Army, National Guard, and Reserves, John acquired his pilot’s license in 1985 and served in various capacities as a pilot, instructor, and warrant officer. His journey in the aviation industry commenced in 1989 when he joined American Eagle Airlines as a Fleet Service Clerk in Philadelphia. Subsequently, he relocated to Dallas/Fort Worth, where he served as a Pilot Ground Instructor before assuming numerous management roles within the airline’s Flight Department.

In 1998, John transitioned to the role of First Officer for American Eagle. Throughout his 25-year tenure with the carrier, his expertise and insights as a pilot and instructor were consistently relied upon, as he fulfilled various roles in recruitment, procurement, regulatory affairs, and flight administration.