Shannon Marks

Managing Director - DFW Ramp Services

A 31-year veteran in the aviation industry, Shannon leads a team of nearly 2,000 employees of which over 40 are managers at our Dallas-Fort Worth hub. She started her aviation career with Simmons Airlines in Decatur, Illinois, before moving to Sarasota, Florida and then transferring to Tampa, Florida to work for American Airlines in Tampa, Florida before returning to Envoy. At the heart of Shannon’s leadership is a focus on our employees and the teams that must work together to be successful at our largest hub operation.  Employees are held accountable while being empowered to succeed and reach their goals.

Shannon’s career with Envoy has been one of continuous growth and improvement. She’s held various General Manager positions, and performed as Program Manager for a portfolio in our ground handling business before advancing to Managing Director of our DFW hub ramp operations.

Over the years, Shannon has been instrumental in Customer Successes included managing complex Corporate Real Estate (CRE) projects over the years, improving our training processes and developing a diverse team of more than 60 Ramp Specialists at DFW.