Guest Blog: Chad Laviolette on The Role of Technical Communication in Aviation (Pt. 3)

Those in the aviation industry know how technical every aspect of flying can be. Whether it’s the radio calls used by pilots and Air Traffic Control (ATC) or the technical jargon of repairing an aircraft’s avionics, there is no shortage of ultra-specific language used to complete these tasks.

Chad Laviolette, an aviation student at Envoy Partner School Louisiana Tech University, shares his coverage of the importance of Technical Communication in the aviation industry. With every aviator’s focus on safety, it is good to have people like Chad continuing to highlight the fine details ensuring that commitment.

Wrapping up Chad’s thoughts on technical communication, he discusses every pilot’s number one priority: safety.

How Does Technical Communication Make Air Travel Safe?



Communication is a key factor in the equation that makes aviation the safest form of transportation. Without its exact communication the industry could not achieve this high degree of safety.

Safety and communication in the aviation industry are intertwined. Safety is utterly dependent on how well all parts of the aviation world communicate with each other.

Poor communication would severely denigrate the system. This is why the International Civilian Aviation Organization (ICAO) chose to use only one language for aviation communication: English.

All pilots, domestic and international, must use English and the correct standardized terminology when communicating with ATC and other pilots. This arrangement keeps everyone on the same sheet of music and the system operating optimally.

About the author

Chad Laviolette is a retired U.S. Army veteran who is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Professional Aviation from Louisiana Tech University. At 47 years old, Chad is embarking on a journey to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Currently, he is flying on Cessna 172s at LA tech, but hopes to fly jets for Envoy as soon as he has reached the required flight time.

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