Love is in the AAir: Terry and Nicole Butler

Most full-time working Americans spend about a third of their lifetime sleeping and another third working, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The last 33 percent is spent on education, leisure and family.

This blog series is dedicated to our employees who’ve learned to game the system, and combined their time toiling away at work with their time spent with loved ones. How is that, you might ask? Simply finding the bond of love through the familiarity of the workplace.

Nicole and Terry Butler met six years ago when Nicole worked at Envoy Headquarters and Terry at the Dallas-Fort Worth maintenance base. On many occasions, they would talk over the phone about aircraft. After four years of friendship that bloomed into a loving relationship, they were married in 2016.

Today, they both work in the Little Rock maintenance base; Nicole in Stores checking out tools and equipment and Terry the Base Manager. Below is their story of how they manage and enjoy working together on a daily basis.

The right tools for love

Envoy-Terry and Nicole 2-min


What is the best part about working together as a married couple?

One of the best things we like about working together is we ping off of each other. We have always worked very well together and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Now that we are married, it’s even better because we know so much more about one another and help each other even more. Another thing we really enjoy is being able to talk about work and having your spouse actually know what you are talking about.

So many people say that couples working together can be tough, what’s your take?

Oh, it most certainly can be tough. It definitely is not for the faint of heart or the weak.

We work at it every day, and we both feel we do pretty well at it. We always tell everyone, it’s not the actually “working” together, the day to day work; we have always worked VERY well together. It’s being around each other 24/7, 365 days a year that takes its toll.

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Any advice for couples who work together?

Seriously think it through. I would even go so far as to say, try spending every day, all day together, for at least a month.

If you can handle that without any turmoil then try it out. Be patient, very calm and open minded. TALK, be honest, be respectful of one another at work in front of all of your work peers.

One of the things I (Nicole) try to do is treat Terry as if he is not my husband while at work. Try to talk to him and treat him as if he were any other base manager. It is extremely difficult some days, but it just takes time and effort on both parts.

Terry And Nicole Harley-minHow often do you get to travel?

When we first started dating we traveled quite a lot, however since moving to Little Rock and opening the new base, we didn’t really have time to travel for a good year. We just got back from our two-year wedding anniversary in Jamaica.

Prior to that, we’ve been to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, New York, Chicago, Canada, Las Vegas, Texas Gulf Coast, and Orlando. The one thing to highlight is that even though we spend every day together at work and home, we still love to travel and get lost together!

If either of you got an opportunity to work somewhere else, would you take it?

Terry: It would have to be very special. We both have dedicated our lives to the American Airlines Group with both of us working for Envoy and American, so if there were another opportunity, it would have to be something grand. But I would miss Nicole in the fact that I couldn’t just walk into her office and talk to her or see her whenever I wanted to.

Nicole: I would miss being able to see Terry during the day. I tease and tell him I would keep him on constant Facetime.

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