DFW Flight Service team volunteers at North Texas Food Bank

IMG_FS_DFW_Inflight_Volunteering_October_2018-2Last week, six members of the Envoy Flight Service team at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) volunteered their time at the North Texas Food bank to support the local community.

“This was one of our most rewarding teambuilding events,” said Jill Zimmer, Managing Director, Flight Service Operations, who volunteered during the event. “I’m proud of the team for doing a fantastic job helping those in need in the DFW area.”

This event, as many other community events across the United States, is part of an American Airlines Group program called Do Crew. With Do Crew, AAG employees can record and track their volunteer activities. Once an employee reaches 50 volunteer hours, they’re eligible to send a 25,000 AAdvantage mile reward to the nonprofit 501(c)(3) of their choice.

Way to go, team DFW!


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