60-Second Interview: Catina Jackson

Women’s History Month is here! In honor of the trailblazing leaders, inventors, creators and thinkers, we’re spending a minute with some fantastic Women of Envoy to learn more about their careers and their appreciation for women’s history.

Let’s hear from Catina Jackson who is a Fleet Service Crew Chief at Miami International Airport (MIA).

What is your Envoy story?

I have been at Envoy for 21 years. I’ve been a fleet service clerk, worked in baggage transfer support, as well as cabin service.

Presently, I am the cabin service Crew Chief in charge of managing work assignments and inventory for the department. I am also a Board Member at-large for the Transport Worker’s Union (TWU) Local 570.

What’s the significance of Women’s History Month to you? Favorite historical figure?

The significance of Women’s History Month to me is the strength we have shown through the trials and tribulations we have endured and overcome.

My favorite historical figures are Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. Why? Because, in my opinion they are women who are public servants working with people from all nationalities and backgrounds. They bring positivity to the youth, which is dear to me.

Why is celebrating gender diversity inside and outside of the workplace important to you?

To me celebrating gender diversity is providing a supportive and non-discriminatory work place regardless of gender, and enabling all to achieve a more confident and productive experience.

Who in your life has inspired you, or is your role model, as a woman?

My mother inspires me through her dedication and perseverance. She doesn’t just talk about problems, but finds solutions to them day in and day out, through good days and bad.

I can always count on her whether it’s for advice or a prayer. She’s always available.

What advice do you have for young women who are beginning to plan their careers?

To be confident in their abilities and fearless in the pursuit of their goals.

Tell us one surprising fact about yourself that others may not know.

I am a mother, grandmother and wife. I enjoy being with my grandkids and also helping others. I dedicate much of my time to the happiness of my friends and family, and hope that the effort is appreciated.

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