Women With Wings: Envoy Cadet Camille Wong

Growing up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Envoy Cadet Instructor Camille Wong frequently watched American Airlines’ aircraft take off to faraway destinations and dreamed of traveling the globe someday. And what better way to do so than becoming a pilot for Envoy and American Airlines Group?

Although she is currently paving her path to the flight deck, Camille didn’t always know she wanted to be a pilot. “I’ve always desired to see the world and have a good job, but I didn’t know being a pilot was an option,” admitted Camille. “Once I realized it was attainable, my dad encouraged me to go for it. When I took my first discovery flight at ATP, I knew it was the career for me.”

Camille is currently working towards finishing her required flight time as a Cadet Instructor at ATP Flight School in Arlington, Texas alongside her brother, Dan Wong, who is also a Cadet Instructor.

Supporting other women in aviation

As a longtime aviation enthusiast and advocate for more women on the flight deck as a recruiter for ATP, Camille enjoys meeting others interested in aviation and connecting with other women who are further along in their careers.

“My advice to those interested in the field is to follow your heart and work hard,” Camille said. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember it’s a process, and everyone must start somewhere. Always strive for improvement and prioritize building a strong support network.”

Interested in hearing more about the Envoy Cadet Program? Visit our Cadet page and learn how you can earn money while building flight hours.




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